Woman Wears Chastity Belt for 4 years!

Picture source www.razooma.net




The things that men with little penises resort to just to keep control of a vagina is so absurd to me. A woman should be with whomever she wants to be with, you can’t force anybody to be faithful. I know what my crotch smells if I haven’t changed my draws in 24 hours, I can only imagine what a vagina locked up for 4 years smells like, yuck!

Anyway, from what I had read in a blog post recently, a woman who got married at 16 years of age, tried to commit suicide( I would have too) after being forced to wear a chastity belt for 4 years. When she was rushed to hospital to be treated, doctors found a nice little pad locked vagina. Police had to track him down to get the key to open the chastity belt. You know, Only men who can’t screw would need to do ish like this to poor women. My question is where was her family, her mom, aunties, was there nobody that could help her escape this. Was her only remedy to take her own life?

I wish a man would try some vomit like this on one of my daughters, man I’d  Lorena Bobbit that dude real quick (google her for details). As a person who really wants to master the art of seduction, I don’t think I want anyone to love me this much. Really you can’t even call this love; torturing a woman into keeping her honor is not the way to go. How about giving her some hot sex and multiple orgasms and top it off with some mean oral tongue skills and you know what you got? A “road dog” for life, ride or die chick for real! Now let me ask you, what is the craziest thing a man has done to keep you all to himself?