Why do you have to tell grown men to take a bath?


men who stink gets no lovin!


I can really count on one hand how many brothers I’ve dated that I did have to tell please dude “wash your nut sack”. Come on, is that really to much to ask? If you don’t wear a bib to eat and poop in a pamper, this usually means you have grown up sweat that takes at least 2 times a date to keep under control. There is nothing more disgusting than poor hygiene and I don’t care how much scrilla(cash for those who don’t know what that means) you got, that don’t compensate for a clean crotch. How bout if I started going to bed smelling like expired smoke herring, would appreciate that? You want my vagina to me clean and I want your draws to be skid mark free too.

If the mouth isn’t clean and you can’t really get into a good sex session if you start off smelling like vinegar, now after the second or third round, that is excusable, but from the gate hell naw! So how do you tell your boyfriend he stink? Well tell him this:’Baby your crotch smell like melted cheese and I want put my head down there butt…’ Now watch him scramble for the bathroom door, trying to wash up before you change your mind,lol. But really, you need to ask how frequent a guy takes showers, I have met some that do that every other day nonsense like they sweat tulips or something. And I blame past girlfriends for this, if you wouldn’t have sex with these dudes when they smell like gouda cheese, we wouldn’t have to come behind you and negotiate shower visits. Stop thinking of yourselves ladies and think about the woman who has to come behind you and tell him he stinks. You have an obligation to all woman to put your men in check,lol.