Sex Advice: Do Men Prefer Blow Jobs Over Vaginal Sex?

            Q: Does Your Man want oral sex more than choochie sex?

Ladies, I know some of y’all are squeamish about giving your man a blow job, but most men love it! Now I wanted to find out if guys prefer oral sex over vaginal sex and it doesn’t seem like oral beats regular sex but oral done right definitely heightens the intensity of vaginal sex as far as men are concerned. While some guys say oral lovin is an ultimate show of femininity, all of them say it s a great ego booster.

The visual of a woman on her knees, seemingly helpless and obedient with his dick in her mouth signifies powerful yin energy to him. His dick looks like its 20 feet long, especially when she’s choking and gagging on it a little. Men’s sexual satisfaction seems to have a lot to do with sexual domination in bed.

 Oral sex is Better for a Woman’s Body.

Honestly, with your mouth you can do wonderful things ,and all mouths are sweeter than some slack vaginas. Just think about it for a second. If your vaginal muscles are loose and you can’t ride him for more than a minute or two, you would be the perfect candidate for mastering oral sex. Is easier on a woman’s body to give head than get her choochie banged out-plus he doesn’t have to pull out. That means no pregnancy scares for you girl! See ladies, there’s a lot of perks in it for you.

Some things guys say about oral are:
  • The increased sensations and  intense orgasms
  • Women look more feminine when she she’s going down on it
  • The mouth is hotter and tighter than a vagina
  • It shows submissiveness

I think mastering oral can take you to another level in your relationship. Oral sex seems to be as much if not more of a connective energy between a male and female.  Now there are a few things to keep in mind when you are trying to be a champ at oral.

Here’s Some Oral Sex Tips For Yah!
  • Never do it after you’ve just eaten (vomit on a dick is a not an aphrodisiac, trust me, I KNOW!)
  • Let your tongue do most of the work, teeth grazing is going to get him mad at you
  • Practice strength training for your jaw muscles by opening your mouth as wide as possible and hold for a few seconds, repeat as many times as you can, strong mouth muscles means less fatigue and a better chance at sucking him till he cums.
  • For you ladies with braces I would do more of a sandwich mouth motion (cup your upper and lower lips over your upper and lower teeth) I had a bad accident once were his public hairs got stuff in one of my brackets. He was screaming and I was choking. Any sudden moves would have ripped some skin off his balls for sure.. Not cute…
  • Don’t give him head while he is lying down, its more effective to do it while he is in a chair and your kneeling down at his feet. This forces the head downward towards the head of his penis

It all boils down to giving him as much of your love as possible, I feel like oral sex creates a higher connection to your man. Be the whore he wants you to be, he won’t judge you for it! lol

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  • MT Keef

    If I were a woman, I’d really do it as foreplay and then get him inside you because like the article was saying even though is slanted because desperate for a woman’s desire, the guy is getting really hot with the being dominant thing and there is nothing hotter for a straight guy than getting another guy in that situation so gay guys win hands down giving oral to another guy but heck; hundreds of thousand of years evolution are going against women on this one. Women have a gay reflex most men don’t so gay guys can take any size all the way down and gay guys also have one so they know exactly where to use that tongue so while the straight guy is feeling dominant being a guy so is the gay guy because the gay guy can make the straight guy cum in 30 seconds or make it last two hours lol which is POWER while the straight guy seeing another guy is doing that looks like POWER for him so woman are really better doing this for foreplay for the guy who really wants the vagina as the end result. Worried about pregnancy? This is not the way to deal with it so article mistakes here. Ya wanna keep ur straight guy from wondering sexually so he wants the vagina after some stimulation or he is just going to get a guy guy to give him intense oral pleasures, go home to the wife and act like he’s tired from a hard day at work lol

  • Annette Benson

    I am a trans woman, so giving oral sex to me is a way of expressing my love. I would love to have a vagina but cannot afford the surgery. My guy loves it when I give him oral pleasure. My own penis is less than two inches when not erect and almost three when erect. I discovered I like giving guys oral and I’m not laughed at because I’m so small in thegenitalia area.

  • Rio Bee

    Although I love to receive oral sex, I cant say I would prefer it over vaginal. Give me a healthy mix of both!