Android SEX Robots from Japan WTF!


Female robots from japan

‘Life-like Female Robot Sex Companions

The majority of androids robots being produced are female. I have problems with Japan views on sexuality. Young girls are objectified and up until 1995 they had legal vending machines where you could purchase used panties(and the ones with menstrual blood on them were the most expensive) but that’s for another post.  These bots are called ‘fem bots” some are actually made to be maids and housekeepers and others are made to give head and do sexual duties for the owner. Laptops are also attached to its back so the robot can be programmed to learn what ever subject you want and talk with you about it.

They are usually made to look like very young women the 18-21 year old look seems to be the standard look. Now they are making these very realistic robots females for ‘companionship” and as you can see from the video below, she will definitely be able to ‘chant to the mike” if you know what I mean. This is some freak nasty stuff disguised as technology. What is happening to human communication and interaction. First texting, then Facebook, now this! WTF! I know this ish is coming to America for all the social deviants to finally get laid…

Seems like worldwide there is a standard of beauty that has to do with youth and innocence and anybody else is a throw away. Ladies it is time to learn your value outside of what is being marketed to you and men as well. The only way to have a voice is with the money you spend. Its psychological war fair staring us in the eyes. YUCK!


  • Great Idea

    I want one. She won’t get a headache, and unlike the women in the video and the one who wrote this, give me one either.

  • EmptinessSeeker

    And again… because I can’t edit and i reminded one more thing… I don’t see having sex robots that bad…

    1-The prostitutes will stop being forced by the mafias

    2-The mankind will vanish or get very reduce. If we don’t reduce our population amount instead of keeping making it higher, the natural resources are going to be over one day, such as water. If masons were more clever they would save in spending for weapons and chemtrails they would promote the condoms and they would make easier people gets sexbots… and I say this as an antimason and anarchist…

    3-What happens with the people saying that’s being perverted and blablabla… what’s the argument?! making some AI more than the honeydolls already have means the sexbots have a soul? I have imaginated my perfect friend hugging my pill, why cant I do it with a sexbot if I had the money cause I can be considered one pervert? That’s the same arguments-less statement of ‘Lolicons are pederast’, how that people are pervert, aren’t the rapers or the possible rapers (the human ones!) the evil ones? Damn, I consider most of mankind seems like twisted like one duck in the Everest…

  • EmptinessSeeker

    And i hope that damned koreans doesn’t greatly annoy making pression for ban the sex with robots cause that’s for trying to find one AK47, i have enough with the masons on banks and media politic groups slavizing and robbing me.

  • EmptinessSeeker

    The only way a date a woman is she looks at me and she asks me to make I’m her bf. And prostitutes, or are forced, or the few ones likes what they are doing are busy and anyways I’m shy for that. And I doubt any woman has interest in one proinactive ugly fat man depressed and without interestes almost.

    Argh i can’t find any sexbot around, only the american Roxxy one and idk
    if it’s an scam cause i saw in their web it costs 900 bucks only.